What happens when I sign up and create an account?

Once you have selected a subscription and create an account, one of our account managers will be in touch within 24hrs to begin the process of gathering assets and of course getting to know each other!

How long till my website is up?

When we have all your assets, your website can be live within just one day.
If you have an exsisting site, it could take up to 72 hours based on your domain provider and where your current site is hosted at.

What do I do when I need something updated?

For any updates, just contact your account manager with what you are needing updated. Updates will be made within 24 hours.

Do I need to login to my account often?

Your account is a way for you to update your personal information such as your address and credit card info. You can also see all your billing and invoicing information.

What happens when I want to upgrade or cancel?

Upgrading is as simple as letting your account manager know and they will update your account to the next tier instantly. We hope to never see you go, but if you have to cancel we will shut your account down on the last billing date. This means your website will no longer be active. If you want to keep your site up with us and not pay the subscription fee, we can freeze your account. You will be billed just $35/mo to host it.


How do I pay for the add-on services?

Let's say you wanted to do $500 of add-on services during the month of August. We will add that amount on top of your subscription rate for that month. The next month your subscription rate will go back to its normal rate. It's that easy!

What is the creative process like?

We have an award winning creative team. Our process allows our team to create beautiful designs at a quick rate. The creative team is on top of the latest trends and we will always make sure we are providing you with top notch designs!

Can I pay for add-ons without a subscription?

Great question, but we only offer our exclusive pricing to our clients.


How do I perform at NashNoize?

We host NashNoize as a monthly concert series in Nashville. We always open it up for our clients! If you don't live in Nashville, let us know if you will be traveling anytime soon. We also sponsor events and concerts as well!

How does the community help me?

We are proud to have you as a client. Our database includes several thousand artists, fans, and industry professionals. Our monthly newsletter will highlight every single one of our clients. We also have Spotify playlists that are continuously being updated and we add your song(s) to them! What about social media? We have a growing following and will be promoting your new releases and more on all of our accounts!

You have a podcast too?

We sure do! Our podcast is based out of Nashville but we are happy to do call-in interviews. More info here

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